Lila Bhawa Dancers Perform @ Imperial College INDONIGHT 2015




Lila Bhawa’s dancers, Alfatania Ismaya (Acha) and Dwiana Cahyani (Ichi) participated to enliven the Indonight events on 21st February 2015 which was organized by the Indonesian Society from Imperial College London. The annual event provided by the Indonesian Student Association depicted Rama and Shinta for this years’ Indonight.

The story itself illustrated and supported by musical drama and Choreography. Among them are dances of Saman from Aceh and , Pendet, Kecak from Bali respectively.

Acha and Ichi enlivened the Ramayana van Java event; whereby following the choreography of Pendet dance from Bali, then assisted by the rhythm of Kecak dance. This was the first time they perform this dance, as well as performing in the Indonight event.

The dances performed by them galvanized the audience which is fom the Indonesian Embassy as well as the Indonesian Ambassador in London, and also the students not only the Indonesian student but also international students that came to see the play.

Text and Photos by Acha