Lila Bhawa @ Southbank Centre Gamelan Christmas Chimes 2014


It is sad that 2014 is ending, but we were happy to end it with a first time 6 dancers performing Javanese dances for the Gamelan Christmas Chimes 2014 at Southbank Centre, London UK 🙂

So on the 13th December 2014 we performed Gambyong Pareanom and Srimpi Ludira Madu Dances with the Southbank Gamelan Group in front of Southbank Centre’s audiences at The Clore Ballroom, Royal Festival Hall.

The opening dance Gambyong Pareanom was performed by Puja, Andrea, June and Vitri.

dewi gambyong 2014

Srimpi Ludira Madu was performed by Puja, Andrea, Widya and Dewi. This was also the premiere for Srimpi Ludira Madu to be performed by Lila Bhawa.

jiggs-srimpi 1

We would like to thank Southbank Centre Gamelan, to Pak Pete and Ibu Sophie, for inviting involving Lila Bhawa in their performance for this event. We hope we did not disappoint you 🙂

EDIT: We were featured on an article by Cathy Patt published at Cybersulut Daily (Bahasa Indonesia) -> Jelang Natal, Tarian Jawa dan Wayang Kulit Ramaikan “Gamelan Christmas Chimes” London Thank you Ibu Cathy for sharing it 🙂

To all who have come to watch us perform thank you so much as well 🙂 Hope to see you all again in the next performances 😀


Photos by Jiggs, Andrea, Dewi, Mark Hobart

Text by Vitri Lila Bhawa