Lila Bhawa @ Pasar Senggol Nusantara UK Connect Indonesia

The 29th November 2014 Pasar Senggol went well 🙂


We could not be happier to be a part of this great cause for Indonesia, so we would like to thank Ibu Nelly Andon (the beautiful lady in orange), Founder of Connect Indonesia Charity, very much for involving us.

trigoneostarden senggol 1

For this event we did Balinese, Sundanese, and Betawi dances 😀 So manyyyy!

alexandra senggol 1

We were one of the openers of the grand event with Sekarjagat Dance from Bali by Puja, Andrea, Dewi and Yani.

Then we had the humorous Balinese Topeng Dance with the famous Margaret Jiggs Coldiron – where she interacted with the audience.


trigo neo starden senggol 3


We also danced the Sundanese Jaipongan Bajidor Kahot Dance  by Puja, Andrea, Dewi, Yanti and Vitri – it was the first time there were 5 of us performing.

And lastly we had Alexandra performing a dance from Betawi called Yapong. 

We are very happy to also share the stage with Lila Cita who played Angklung Gamelan from Bali during the evening.

We hope those who came to the event enjoyed their time there and liked our performances 🙂

Once again thank you Bu Nelly and Connect Indonesia for the opportunity!


Photos by Alexandra, Connect Indonesia, Pak Trigo

Text by Vitri