AfterHours at Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum

Last October, Oxford’s Pitt Rivers Museum hosted its AfterHours event, specially celebrating the cultures of the Indonesian islands, Java and Bali. With support from the Indonesian Embassy in the UK and Oxford Indonesian Society (OXIS), as well as Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Oxford, AfterHours: Java & Bali held quite a festive line-up as they’ve invited our incredibly talented Ibu Guru, Ni Made Pujawati, to perform a dance from each island.

Puja danced the Balinese dance, Tari Cendrawasih, and Tari Topeng Gunung Sari from Java with live gamelan performance from Oxford Gamelan Society, which followed with a Balinese dance workshop later in the evening.


Ibu Guru, Ni Made Pujawati started the night with the vibrant Tari Cendrawasih

It was a wonderful turn out for the Friday night, surrounded by artefacts, and gamelan music chiming throughout the building. Puja’s dances certainly caught the visitors enthusiasm, while having to wait to try some of Indonesian authentic food and snacks!


Puja posing for the Tari Topeng Gunung Sari

The Balinese Dance workshop also caught the interest of many visitors, as Puja introduced the basics of Tari Baris Presi. Teaching them two minutes of the dance, the dancers enjoyed the basic tutorials as it seemed to raise their passion and admiration for Balinese traditional dancing.


Puja holding the Balinese Dance workshop

Additionally, our very own Lila Bhawa member, Savitri Sastrawan, also contributed to the event by joining Haikal Bekti Anggoro, also known as Pak Blangkon, in his batik workshop. In its premier collaboration to continue Haikal’s batik legacy, the workshop attracted many curious roaming visitors, which was definitely a hit!


Visitors busy making their own batik pattern in the workshop led by Haikal Bekti Anggoro and Savitri Sastrawan

AfterHours: Java & Bali has definitely provided a lively insight into Indonesian culture in a great execution and within an amusing venue. We hope the Pitt Rivers Museum visitors had a great time watching and learning new cultures, and hopefully Lila Bhawa can contribute more to future AfterHours events!

Photos by I Dewa Wacika and Yanti Sastrawan