Lila Cita feat. Lila Bhawa at IKON 2014

IKON (INDONESIA KONTEMPORER) was held at SOAS University by Arti UK -a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting Indonesian arts and culture within the UK’s cultural diversity.


Took place 18th October 2014, we have Yani, Cikka, Yanti and Vitri performed Balinese dance Sekar Jagat from Lila Bhawa for Lila Cita‘s performance in Indonesia Kontemporer (IKON) event year 2014.

There was also Jiggs (Margaret Coldiron) as gamelan player in Lila Cita. She also performed Topeng earlier in the day with Jagat and featured in Mayang Irsan’s movie screening titled “Unmasked”.

It has been a very wonderful experience taking part in this event, especially dancing with real Balinese gamelan. The event was filled with good bazaar of food and crafts, performances, workshops and movie screenings.

More images of the event is featured in the ARTIUK website here.

Also, Lila Cita became the big main picture in this article here (Bahasa Indonesia article) where our talented Jiggs was also mentioned 🙂

We would like to thank Lila Cita for involving us, Dewi as our bodyguard of the day and ARTIUK for the opportunity 🙂

Photo credits go to Dewi Ariati, ARTIUK

Written by Vitri