Pasar Kaget Performance

Yes Pasar Kaget 21st September 2014 has happened and what a day it was!

Despite it was the first time PERIUK (one of the many Indonesian communities in the UK) held the event, it was quite a success 😀 We never knew we would be part of a history for the UK-Indonesia communities 🙂

Pasar Kaget was joined by Lila Bhawa and INDUK performing several Indonesian dances. There were also Indonesian singers singing traditional and folk songs. Not to forget the stalls selling and promoting different Indonesian crafts and snacks. Plus food being sold by Stage 3/Platterform itself! For £15 we can get several starters, main dish, side dish! In total there are at least 9 different food in one go! :O (okay, enough for the Lila Bhawa food talking hehe)

Our performances took place inside the space on a floor stage. It was a great experience to have as we performed right in front of the audience. So they can feel the presence of the dancers right before their eyes.

From Lila Bhawa we had Vitri and Yanti performing Cenderawasih Dance from Bali as an opener to the entertainment events. We had Jiggs performing Topeng Tua from Bali. Then later in the afternoon we had Widya and Dewi performing Bajidor Kahot, Jaipongan from West Java (Sundanese Dance).

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We were also interviewed by the organiser as part of their documentation.



We also have Jiggs’ Topeng Tua performance photo featured in BBC Indonesia 😀 Click here for the article

EDIT: We are also featured in Spencer Llyod Peet’s Pasar Kaget website post plus photos, check it out too 🙂 click here

To all of you that have come to Pasar Kaget we would like to thank you very much for all the support! We did spot other Lila Bhawas around 😀 so we thank you to you too! We hope this won’t be the last for such event to happen 🙂


Photos by Hanna Sastrawan

Written by Vitri