Lila Bhawa will be on Pasar Kaget’s Stage!


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Lila Bhawa is back on stage this Sunday 21st September 2014 as part of a pop up Indonesian market event “Pasar Kaget”!

In Indonesia pasar kaget would be a sudden pop up market existing somewhere in the city without any announcement. Although this one has an announcement, Lila Bhawa are sure that it is not to be missed either 😀

This event is free and will be filled with stalls selling Indonesian food and crafts, performances of Indonesian music, dance and more

We will be there to perform Balinese and Sundanese dances for you so do come and enjoy your Sunday with “Pasar Kaget” 🙂

Venue will be at Stage 3, Hackney Empire, 289 Mare Street, E8 1EJ

Opening times will be 11 am – 6 pm

For more information on the event click here

Hope to see you there!


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