Balinese, Javanese, Jaipongan….Malay Dance?


suka lunch

It has been a rather quiet summer for Lila Bhawa dancers. After the excitement at Pagi & Khai’s wedding in June, things winded down quite a bit, as the weather got hotter. Of course, there were still smaller group dance sessions (a girls weekend at Puja’s, for example), but the rest of us were away on holiday, meeting up with friends or just simply enjoying the sunshine.

However, happy dancing feet don’t usually remain still for very long; we are dancers after all! At first, we were quite disappointed to hear that there will not be the usual bi-annual concert with Lila Cita at the LSO St Luke’s this year, due to funding cuts. However, we’ve been receiving a couple of private bookings, which we will be posting on our website as the dates get closer (stay tuned!).

The next upcoming one in August will be something rather special. First of all, we won’t be performing any Balinese dances at all. Instead, we will be performing Jaipongan ‘Bajidor Kahot‘ and…. Malay dance! This will be the very first time that Lila Bhawa will be performing a dance item which is not Indonesian, but we just couldn’t resist the challenge, especially after we’ve been told that Beef Rendang will be on the menu at the event!

The lunch time celebration is organised by SUKA (Singapore UK Association) for Singaporeans, or anyone who is interested in the diverse culture of this small but very mighty Southeast Asian island, Singapore. It will be a double belated Hari Raya cum National Day celebration at Pak Awie restaurant (Paddington) on 23 August, from 12 noon to 4pm.

Tickets are already on sale on the SUKA website (£40 for non-members and £30 for members…they currently have half year membership available at £10 individual or £15 family). For more details about the event and how to purchase tickets, please go to