A Lila Bhawa Wedding

It was a very fine Saturday on the 21st June 2014, but the Lila Bhawa dancers did not gather as usual for dance rehearsal at Jiggs’s. Instead, we congregated at the Islington Town Hall just before noon, along with a few other family and friends to witness two of our dancers tie the knot—Yes, Pagi and Khai were getting married!

We were all suited, booted and dressed up for this much-anticipated occasion, and were probably just as excited as the bride and the groom themselves! We waited with bated breath for their arrival…and finally, here they were:


The couple all prepped up!

It was an incredibly intimate and emotional ceremony at the town hall, as we witnessed Pagi and Khai exchange their vows and rings. There were plenty of happy tears and laughter amongst the crowd too.

All in all, the lovely ceremony was definitely a great start for these two to embark on taking their first steps in celebrating their lives together. Oh, there was definitely so much love in the air!


And you are now husband and wife. :’)

After they were officially pronounced as Mr. and Mrs.,all 38 of us trooped over across the road for a grand feast. The celebration could not possibly be complete without food involved, especially for us Lila Bhawa dancers! 😉

We feasted on a three-course Thai meal at Rabieng Restaurant, and enjoyed every delicious dish from the appetizers to desserts. The raspberry cream wedding cake was divine. After the toasting and cake-cutting ceremonies, there was also a mini entertainment segment where poem-reading, singing and dancing took place; all specially performed by friends and colleagues, and of course some of our very own dancers too.


Cikka entertained us with her belly dancing

Apart from sexy shimmying and belly-dancing Cikka, a few other Lila Bhawa members also took part— Jamie sang two lovely songs and Andrea surprised us with a graceful Malay dance performance. Last but not least, a wonderful little poem was written for the happy couple by our very own Pak Din at the after-party:


You, Khai, joined Lila Bhawa quite late

I wonder if you’ve made a mistake

But surely this must be fate

Meeting a man who’s to be your soul mate

You, Pagi, are just happy go lucky

Biding your time looking for someone plucky

Well, life can sometimes be tricky

Though at times you may disagree

Who would’ve guessed

When Khai wore that blue dress

At Bali Bali, was it meant to impress?

Khai & Pagi, you are so very blessed

Lila Bhawa, dance, food and dating agency

Without you, neither would have met their fancy

Lila bhawa, where members are sometimes crazy

But can never be accused of being lazy

Agam kanan, agam kiri, det sirr and seledet-pong

Who would’ve thought our rehearsals can be so long

Baris, Oleg, Kecak, Jauk and tari Barong

Cenderawasih, Terunajaya and tari Legong

When the Gamelan plays the drums and gong

You know you cover up when something goes wrong

Pagi and Khai, may your love remain strong

Forever with each other where you belong

Once again, congratulations, Pagi and Khai! Thank you for having us there to share the wonderful moment in your lives. We wish you all the very best for your future! ❤

Photos: Yanti Sastrawan


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