Lila Bhawa..officially in Black & White!

In the last few weeks, our dancers have been very busy with making preparations for the most anticipated ‘Hello Indonesia!’ event this Saturday at Trafalgar Square. Not only have we been rehearsing hard at Jiggs’s, but we have also been putting our heads together in lengthy discussions via WhatsApp and emails, to come up with various ideas on how we could further amplify our group’s presence on the day.

With the combined artistic talents and good organisational skills of a couple of dancers, our achievements within a few short weeks were quite amazing; we are now proud to present our official Lila Bhawa Indonesian Dance UK logo (above), designed by Jamie ‘Zooby’ Zubairi and Savitri Sastrawan. We will also be donning our first ever Lila Bhawa group t-shirt, with a colourful Legong dancer drawn and painted by Khai Khalid, as well as will be distributing Lila Bhawa name cards, organised by Dewi Ariati this Saturday. Furthermore, the Jaipongan girls have also managed to ship over new sets of Javanese dance costumes all the way from Indonesia!

Lila Bhawa t-shirts

Name cardsAs you can see, we have every reason to feel excited and pleased with our conjoined group efforts and great team work, especially since Lila Bhawa is special to each and every one of us –we are definitely more than just a group of people who had come together to perform on stage..ultimately, We are Family. 🙂

Do come and celebrate with us this Saturday from 10am to 6pm. There are also scheduled en masse activities such as angklung and kecak performances, which require the audience’s participation. See you at Trafalgar Square!