A dose of…Nasi Lemak!

Apart from dancing, the hottest topic amongst Lila Bhawa dancers is always about FOOD — especially the delicious and spicy flavours of Indonesian and Malay cooking. Being such foodies, hence we are so blessed to have good cooks amongst the group members; not only do we get fantastic home-cooked delicacies at our ‘makan-makan’ (eating) gatherings, but our regular dance rehearsals hardly go by without home-made cakes from Puja or fresh sushi from Dewi (she makes them spicy!). In fact, we always joke that we dance only for 5 minutes and eat/chat for an hour.


Puja’s homemade Indonesian kueh


Typical spread at dance rehearsals

Recently, a few of us trooped over to ‘Blend’ for brunch, a chic cafe near Turnpike Lane (Harringay), run by one of our dancers, Jamie ‘Zooby’ Zubairi‘s sister-in-law, Linda Zubairi and coffee-specialist Steve Talevski. We’ve heard so much about their fabulous ‘Nasi Lemak’ (coconut-infused rice with mackerel, boiled eggs, roasted peanuts and spicy sambal–Malay chilli condiment) weekend special that some of us have been salivating for weeks.

We certainly weren’t disappointed and literally licked our plates clean…it was delicious! Plus, we were personally served by the Chef on-duty too. (password: extra sambal!)


Andrea served by chef Jamie


Pagi and Khai enjoying brunch: Blend fryup and Nasi Lemak

Blend will be serving ‘Nasi Lemak’ for brunch between 9 am to 3pm as part of their weekend special in the month of April. For more info and directions, go to http://www.localblend.co.uk/