LSO St Luke’s Gamelan Concert 22 March 2014

We had another wonderful evening at the LSO St Luke’s last Saturday, performing alongside Lila Cita gamelan group, which was led by Andy Channing. Over 100 people turned up to enjoy the classical and enchanting gamelan music of Bali, including several traditional pieces such as Sekar Jagat, Topeng Keras, Cendrawasih, Oleg Tamulilingan and Baris Puputan.

With 17 dancers in the group, it was the biggest membership we ever had since it was formed back in 2002. Although the rehearsals and training sessions were rather intensive in preparation for the concert, we have enjoyed ourselves very much and all of us worked hard to put on our very best show that night. We must say a big Thank You to our beloved dance teacher, Ni Made Pujawati, who tirelessly kept us motivated and smiling, with her energy and encouragement.

Sekar Jagat

Birds of Paradise


Topeng Keras

Oleg Tamulilingan

Baris Puputan


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